Spek-Pro Series Spek-Pro Series

Spek Street TM Performance And Spek Pro TM look alike. They differ in software and the sensor used by the gauge. Both gauge lines are available with a choice of lenses, bezels, and faceplates. You can design gauges from one series or mix and match from each series. This permits you to customize your gauges kits to meet precision and enviornmental requirements of your vehicle

Spek Pro TM Gauges Features:

  • Spek Pro TM Gauges are all electric and microprocessor based
  • Spek TM Gauge has the capability to control
  • Wide-Angle-Dial size and bright illumination creates easy, clear reading
  • Choose one of seven colors of background illumination
  • Flashing faceplate to communicate critical conditions
  • Stepper motor creates smooth, accurate pointer movement
  • Interface Spek Pro TM gauges to a variety of sensors
  • Non-Linear High Definition Faceplate for clear resolution in critical conditions
  • Easy programming without control boxes
  • Wiring harness for ease of installation
  • Flexibility to upgrade software to industry requirements 
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