February Give Away

Need to add that rumble to your trucks tone? Want that little extra boost climbing to the top that grade with your trailer? Need to get those hot exhaust gases out? Well thanks to DieselBombers.com with sponsor TruePerformanceDiesel.com you have your shot at a brand new 4" turbo backmbrpexhaust!

cummins mbrp exhuast

*Cummins System Shown

To qualify all your have to do is follow a couple rules!

1. Own One Of These Trucks

D-max Kit: S6004AL MBRP 4in turbo back

Ford 99-03 Kit: S6200AL MBRP 4in Turbo back

Ford 94-97 Kit: S6218AL MBRP 4in Turbo back

Ford 03-07 Kit: S6206Al MBRP 4in Turbo back

Dodge 94-2002 Kit: S6100Al MBRP 4in turbo back

Dodge 2004.5 - Kit: 2007 S6108AL MBRP 4in turbo back

Congratulations to:

Dustin Fletcher "Hightec_Redneck" - Diesel Bombers Giveaway.

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