How to set valve lash on Duramax.
This is one method used to set the valve lash on duramax engines.

The intake rocker arm is the shorter of the two. its best to rotate the motor using the bolt on the crank damper bolt. 36mm socket needed to do this

I used the .012" feeler gauge.

First get cylinder No. 1 at TDC (no. 1 is front pass cylinder) on the compression stroke.

At this point you can adjust the following:

cylinder no. 1: intake and exhaust
cylinder no. 2: exhaust
cylinder no. 3: intake
cylinder no. 5: intake
cylinder no. 6: intake
cylinder no. 7: exhaust
cylinder no. 8: exhaust

Rotate the the motor one revolution and then adjust the following:

cylinder no. 2: intake
cylinder no. 3: exhaust
cylinder no. 4: intake and exhaust
cylinder no. 5: exhaust
cylinder no. 6: exhaust
cylinder no. 7: intake
cylinder no. 8: intake

Hope this helps anyone that has pulled the heads or anyone that has the valve covers off and might want to check clearances.
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