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Navistar T444E (AKA: 7.3l Powerstroke)

Navistar T444E (AKA: 7.3l Powerstroke)

The 7.3L Powerstroke Is one of the most reliable power-plants that Navistar ever built for FORD. There is no replacement for displacement! It is still the KING! It is the largest diesel power-plant in a personal light duty production truck.
When the Emissions standards first came about the 7.3l could not meet the standards, and it was replaced.
It is an all-out excellent power-plant, and is the most sought after. Any Ford truck that has this engine, holds value well. It has been known that some will go for over 700,000 miles without an overhaul. It will take good maintenance practices for this to happen. Most 7.3l experience injector problems after 120,000 miles. True Performance Diesel will keep adding more products to help increase the performance, economy, and reliability. We could also add True Performance FUN FACTOR!


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