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Navistar MAXX 7 (AKA: 6.4l Powerstroke)

Navistar MAXX 7 (AKA: 6.4l Powerstroke)

The 6.4l Powerstroke is the last of the Navistar/Ford Power-plants.
(AKA: the flame thrower).
Because of the emissions, and demands for more power from the public, the 6.4l was developed. It had a DPF (diesel particulate filter) system. During the DPF cycle it would inject Diesel fuel in the exhaust stroke of cylinder 7 and 8, making the diesel a catalyst for the DPF. This caused poor fuel economy, and a flame coming from the exhaust tip. in addition there was dilution of fuel in the oil pan. caused by the injection of fuel in the exhaust stroke. It is unknown how much power can be obtained in the 6.4l. More products are available, True Performance Diesel will Update its database! We love our die-hard loyal Powerstroke FANS! We aim to keep you!


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